XXI Independent Parachute Company


Unofficial Shoulder Title


Private-purchase non-regulation shoulder title worn by The Company on best Battle Dress.
The CO Major "Boy" Wilson only allowed this title to be worn whilst walking out.
The conventional pale blue/dark blue Parachute Regiment titles were worn at all other times.
One of the veterans recently sold his pair of XXI titles for £300.
Transcript of a letter received by Major "Boy" Wilson on Sept 27th 1944:



From Lieut-Gen. F. A. M. Browning, C.B., D.S.O.

Headquarters British Airborne Corps,


27th September 1944.

Dear Major Wilson,

I have heard on every side how outstandingly your company has done. To have earned this special praise from such a gallant body can only mean one thing - that your unit is unsurpassed by any other in the world.

Please tell your chaps what a terrific reputation they have earned.

Yours ever,




Major. B. Wilson, M.C.,

21 Indep. Para. Coy.