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Summer of 44

Copyright ?2000, All rights Reserved. Summer of 44 Living History Group.


TM 11-1145.... some extracts.
The Concept... The Beacon produces a signal for the aircraft to home in on.
The Airborne Drop Bag MX-183.... Front...
...and... Back
Everything is carried within the bag except for the 2 coax extension cables.
... which are tied to the rear of the bag.
The Black tube protruding from the steel eyelette is the battery breather.
Inside the Drop Bag... with Contents...
...without Contents...
Lid Section Contains coax Aerial cable and HS-30 Headset
Main section contains Beacon and Manual and side section the Aerial assy.
The Aerial - AS-73/PPN2
The Aerial consists, Aerial pole, coax, counterpoise assy and 3 stakes
Detail shot of top of Aerial Pole with Counterpoise Assy.
To prevent the equipment falling into enemy hands, precise instructions were issued... can you run 25ft in three seconds?
The DESTructor fitting, RED CAP removed. When the detenator is present, the cap is secured to the fitting below by means of a wire.

The Beacon... relatively small and lightweight with an internal battery, just requires the user to put together and switch on, relatively fool proof.
The Battery - BB 212/U. This occupies the bottom section of the Beacon, as illustrated in the photo below left..
Parts Identified.....
The Base, the spider web design assists the fragmentation of the base when the destructor is activated... similar to the "pineapple" chunk design of the American "Pineapple" grenade.


Any information, documentation or parts related to the PPN2 or any other Eureka/Rebecca systems also wanted

Especially the British Eureka Mk2 series.

Did you use one... do you know anyone that did... ?

If so we would like to hear from you...