Summer of 44

WW2 Eureka MK3B

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The Eureka MK3 B (ultralightweight version) consists of the following items all neatly stored in a Transit Case:
The Case (Side and Base... handle to allow it to be carried "like a suitcase"):
The Case (Top and Side... Note Screws to secure lid):
Inside the Case (4 Compartments split, Aerial, Power Unit, TX Unit and Cabling):
Inside the Empty Case (Top Compartment is for Aerial components... Spring Clips for the Ground Spike, Leather straps for the Aerial Pole)
Aerial Top Section (With Coax Aerial Cable permanently attached):
Aerial Top Section (Aerial fully extended):
Aerial Top Section (Detail of Socket for Aerial Pole and Coax Fitting):
Aerial Pole (Note Tapered ends and sprung wire to ease installation)
Aerial Ground Spike (Note foldout fitting to assist putting into ground, also screw to tighten onto base of Aerial Pole):
Aerial Group (Note Aerial Base slids into spike - there is no screw fitting):
Aerial Top Section with Top of Aerial Pole (Silver section on pole pushes into socket in Aerial Top Section):
Power Unit (Simple operation... Lead to 6v battery crocodile clips... Lead to 4 pin socket on TX Unit... On/Off Switch)
Power Unit (Top of Set Detail... note the very simple design of guard rail and limited features designed to minimise weight):
Power Unit (Base view. Note P.U. Stamp... TX Unit is same except T.X. Stamp... cases are very similar so stampings neccessary... Screw fitting secure to base of set chassis inside case)
Power Unit Interior View (All sealed units... requiring no user maintenance... Clear film fitted to insulate components from case):
TX Unit (Single 4 Pin connector to Power unit):
TX Unit (Aerial Socket (Top Left...A), Headset/Earpiece Socket (Bottom Right...P), Screws T and R for set adjustment (not in the field), Buttons K... and N (purpose not yet known... one is possibly a test button and the other possibly a morse key).
1 x Headset/Earpiece
1 x Manual/User Guide.. probably an "Air Publications" publication.

Any other information, documentation related to the Eureka Rebecca system also wanted - Especially the British Eureka Mk2 series.

Did you use one... do you know anyone that did... ?

Historical documentation confirms they were issued by SOE to the French Resistance in May 1944.