Arnhem September 2000


Arnhem Revisited - September 2000 - Living History Photo Diary

This page is dedicated to the everlasting workhorse, the WW2 Jeep and the warm, dry and comfortable (Not!) 1200 miles covered during the 10 day trip!!!

Oh... and of course... to Alice !!!

Oosterbeek Church


Standing Back L-R:
Rob, Brian, Nigel, Marcus, James, Bert, Doris, Trevor, Fred
Standing Centre:
Sgt Don Turner, 21st Independent Parachute Company
Kneeling L-R:
Tim, Paul, Neil, Fred


Oosterbeek Church - The "21st IPC" Rally Season Display Team


Ginkel Heath


From Left.... Sylvia Hobbs (Widow of Private Don Hobbs XXI IPC), Kate T'Horst's daughter Sophie with Don and Olive Turner


Arnhem Road Bridge


"Happy Christmas Harlan"


Regrouping On the Heights

Recce nise this ossifer chappie?


Queuing for rooms at the Hartenstein Hotel...

Photo: Bastiaan van Niel


Ginkel Heath... Eureka !

Photo: Bastiaan van Niel